6 Steps to start out Blogging in 2021

 You should most read this article, If you starting blogging in 2020, You will learn six tips for start your own blog and these tips are basic of blogging not long article

So let’s get started

1. Identify Your Blogging Interest

Let’s start.

Step 1: Consider your Interests. I’m getting to use a mind-mapping tool called Goggle for the needs of this tutorial. 

Step 2: Consider what you recognize best.

Step 3: Use keyword planner to seek out more Ideas.

Step 4: Determine which Niche is most profitable.

Step 5: Choose a blog Niche.

2. Find a website Name For Your Blog

A domain name is that the name of your website.

e.g. Google.com, Yahoo.com, MSN.com, WikiPedia.com or any name of an internet site are called domain names.

So once you’ve got decided your topic for blogging, the very next thing may be a name.

Companies like GoDaddy, NameCheap, BigRock are one among the highest domain provider companies within the world.

So you will have to open any of the websites listed above to seek out the right name for your business.

3. Find an honest Hosting For Your Blog

You have selected your name .

Now the question is – Where are you getting to save your data online?

Your blog will have some texts, images, videos and lots of other things. Where are you getting to store all those things on the internet?

Here comes the role of hosting.

A hosting is a web server which helps you to store your data.

So your name are going to be the name of your website, and every one the info of that website are going to be stored on the server (called as hosting).

As the data may be a very crucial thing for your blog so you want to select the hosting company very carefully.

For example:- Reseller club, A2hosting.

4. Blogging Content Management System

This is the system which can assist you to feature the content on your blog.

I am using WordPress for this blog which is one among the highest content management systems is that the world having over 60 million websites within the world running thereon.

This is as simple as working with Microsoft Word.

They have given an awesome visual editor which you’ll use to try to to various activities like bold, italic, underline, hyperlink, colour, font, font size etc.

5. Find an ideal Theme For Your Blog

The do’s and don’ts of selecting a WordPress theme

Do make an inventory of the features you would like before time. 

Don’t choose a bloated theme. 

Do choose a responsive theme. 

Do keep color mind. 

Do consider buying a premium theme.

Don’t choose a topic with a font that’s hard to read. 

Do test the theme thoroughly.

6. Start Writing

Yeah.. Start writing from today itself.

Your blog is nothing without you. All you will have to try to to to form it a blog is start writing today.

No matter how well you’re in English, regardless of what proportion knowledge does one have about your subject, and regardless of how does one feel about your writing, your blog will grow only and only you’ll start writing.

With time you’ll start getting writing ideas, and your readers will start enjoying/reading what you say.

But the primary thing is WRITING.

You can use Grammar checking tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid to write down error-free content easily.

Take help from your friends, read more about your subject, concentrate to the newspaper and begin collecting the fresh ideas about your subject.

You are only one step away to open the door of blogging for you.


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