Behavior Contracts

Behavior Contracts: What do You Need to Know

Good Behavior Contracts is typical for many children. They treat their parents well and do what they should ask. However, for others, things are not so simple. Perhaps they do not have enough discipline at home, maybe emotional problems stemming from life’s trauma, or perhaps the child is more complicated than most people. For these children, contracting behavior can save lives.

As a parent and teacher, I first understand the role of contract behavior. For many years, I have been using printable behavior contracts with students and my children. It started when my youngest son was eight years old.

I don’t know what that is, but he somehow started acting soon after his birthday. He won’t follow the rules and won’t go to bed on time, go to school, or other things. He’s got angry management issues, and regulation and discipline issues – you see.

I tried a loud behavior contract. I don’t want to do this thing, but I think I’ll try. I explained the rules to him to follow him. I also explained to him what he should do if he did not follow the rules. We wrote it, put it on the wall with reward and punishment, and fell on it.

Initially, the behavioral contract was invalid. Of course, he tried to test the limits and started acting more than before. But once he realized that I meant to do business, his behavior started to change. He began serving better, did better in school, made a little more petite mouth, and was generally acting like a gentleman. It took a lot of work and didn’t happen overnight, but it did.

As a parent, the biggest and most dangerous mistake you can make is to expect a Behavior Contracts to solve all your problems. They do not work that way. They are tools that you can use to solve your problems. The behavioral contract is a way for parents or teachers to legislate in a certain way.

Some students and children require strict discipline and firm boundaries. Behavioral contracts define these boundaries and tell students or children what happens when they cross borders. Authorities have the right to be firm about the punishment that has been given. If you do not, the problem may become worse.

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