Best 10 blogging niches for beginners Indian bloggers 2021

Best 10 blogging niches for beginners Indian bloggers 2021

Best 10 blogging niches for beginners Indian bloggers 2021

If You want to start a new blog in 2021,  You should have the right niche for Your blog because it is very important for every Indian bloggers who wants to start a blog in 2021. You have also known that nowadays lots have a competition for any new blogger, because many of agencies, consultants, companies running own blog and hiring a content writer. so guys when You think about these things then You will be disappointed and nervous, so I have got 10 niches for blogging in India

so let’s get started.

Why Indian most of Indan bloggers didn’t get any benefits

In India 70% of bloggers are not getting a result from a blog because all people are going for the wrong niche, then quickly start a blog and write consistently article, but didn’t get many visitors. The first reason is that they are not able to find the right niche

Second Reson is that When go for keyword research then get all keyword high SEO difficulty. You didn’t aware of that what is important of niche

You have to choose only those niches which profitable and less competition and You will get such good money.

important points of finding the right niche for Indian bloggers

If You are writing a blog right then You will make more money. Here some important tips fo the right niche

You are writing about any particular niche, You will get the better technique of niche. Always reader finding quality content and easy to understand. You have to research better and write better on Your particular niche for authority

You can earn money from Adsense, affiliate marketing, or promote another new blog to make money through Your blog,

You will get a better ranking in search engine result and attract more traffic

How to decide a niche?

You should decide a niche which are people searching many time on the web. it means that niche have search volume better

You have to any keyword researcher tools like keyword io, kw finder etc. after You will get that how many bloggers already writing for it. what is search volume Every month?

Then next big things to see is what the competition high or less after You will assume that what is better for me

I know it will take time for finding a low competition niche but You also get the benefits of it

last things You most remember that who all those niches. You should choose which search volume is high and competition is less

Top 10 Better Niches for Indian bloggers

I am going to talk about the top 10 niche. that are search volume is also high and competition is less. You can earn better, Indian bloggers can choose any of them in the list.

1.Jobs & career

Jobs & career is a very popular niche even I know already started a new blog on that niche. First things in that niche have lots of categories which about people are searching for every day. But Few authority bloggers are writing on it only on high volume keyword

You have a good chance to start a new blog on those niche authority blogger are not writing on it, but one more thing would say that You have to find the right keyword then write on it

2. Health & Fitness

You also aware when You go on google search about Health and fitness. Then You will get a few blogger are giving value in content But rank on the top 10 search result

If You have little knowledge of Health & fitness. then You can start a blog on it but blogging is not overnight success it is a long term goal You have to spend time

Because I am saying lots of new bloggers start a blog and publish 50 to 60 articles. then only got few visitors after thinking about it’s all wrong and leave writing blog

Health & Fitness is a better niche I also suggest for Indian bloggers

3. Music & Entertainment

This niche is very easy to write on it but competition is high so I have few techniques about so no worry about for finding topic, You can find trending topic music and Entertainment related on google trends

Google trends is a free tools where You can see which topic is trending then pic up Your niche-related topic and do research and write on it

Anyone knows about music, entertainment, movies, and web series. You have to write Bollywood and Hollywood other areas of the film industry

Again saying in that niche competition is a little bit though, but it’s a demanding topic by Indian readers so write for it.

4. Technology

Again this topic is also high competition but If You have done any of the BCA, B teach, polytechnics etc. I know that You have better knowledge.

Technology related easy to write anyone who really done study in this field. it’s a very popular topic for Indian bloggers and other bloggers

Earning resources – Adsense, affiliate marketing etc You can read more about affiliate marketing free ebook here

5. Sport – Cricket Ipl

This topic is now very famous comparing to before 5 Years in India, but now lots of opportunities for Indian bloggers because here going lots of premium league like Ipl, big bash, T20 blast etc

You also know in Indan people are doing betting on Dream 11 and lots have fantasy applications so You can start a new blog on it.

You earn money from Google Adsense and If you are also playing fantasy then You have other options that You can share Your referral code and earn more bonuses and covered all upcoming events. People would love to read Your blog and share Your article

6. Relationship and Dating

Matrimony sites and dating sites fall under this place. You cannot create a website like, but you can make a good blog at this place.

The younger generation of India is coming to the internet to explore relationships and dating tips. You can help them through your blog.

So this can be the subject of your blog that you are starting.

7. Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture Yet another area which about only 5% have Indian bloggers. all website and blogs are belonging from USA

arts & culture is not for everyone because You have face little bit difficulties on it for writing blog post

Who really know in-depth and have done study in then write and earn money. it is very profitable if you write.

8. Real state & properties

Real Estate & Properties is a good niche for You to write, If you have knowledge about it niche You should start a blog on it

Google AdSense also paying high CPC for that niche.

9. Banking and Finance

Banking and finance are very commonplace but only a few bloggers in India are writing on it.

You can search on this subject by starting a new blog.

Millions of people search for banking and finance solutions. If you have any idea then start blogging on it.

10. Automobile

Last but not least will be niche automobiles for your blog. You can rightly say about cars and motorcycles popular in India.

Many young students have a passion for cars, so you can use this passion to start a new blog.

I advise Indian bloggers to choose one out of 10 and start a blog on it.

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