Best 12 ways to quickly write SEBest 12 ways to quickly write SEO friendly blog post O friendly blog post 

Best 12 ways to quickly write SEO friendly blog post 

  You know how to write SEO friendly blog post and why they are essential to every blogger. Yes, if that’s your question and the answer to that question, and if you’ve been overfishing here, you’ve come to the right place. If you don’t know what SEO is, you can read it by clicking on this link.

   No matter what good article you write, you have to put in much effort to write a good title, content, and paragraph. However, your item is shown on pages 5-6 of Google Search. For bloggers, this can be bad news. To make this good news, you must write SEO friendly articles. If your item appears on the homepage of the google search, if it does, then your site traffic will increase drastically.

   Increasing traffic is not any child’s job. If you are a blogger, you should already understand the benefits of driving more traffic. So there’s nothing to be sad about, let’s find out how to write SEO friendly blog posts.

   The full name of SEO is ( Search Engine Optimization ). You are writing an SEO friendly blog post, which means you want to tell Google what your paper is about. This way, you can optimize the content for search engines. This has several advantages, such as increasing website traffic. When searching for an article, you will enter the first page of google. There will be more and more visitors. Your website ranking will improve. These are its benefits. In this way, the content visitors want can be provided to Google users. Your income will be rich, as well.

   How to do on-page SEO

   So you can follow all the tips given below, and you’ll know everything.

   1. Search for keywords

   The first question you might think of is what this keyword is.  There is no other rocket science. The phrases and phrases you search for on Google are your keywords. It’s similar to searching for “how to make money on Facebook” in Google.

   This is your keyword. Now comes the next question, which keyword would be the most correct. To do this, you have to use tools like free Google tools. Who is “Google Keyword Planner“. You can choose keywords with less competition, and then you can quickly rank those keywords.

   If you like, you can also submit keywords according to your desires; use Google Keyword Planner to check the competition. One important thing is to use long-tail keywords. The advantage of this is that you can also categorize your short tail keywords well.

   Let’s explain the long-tailed keyword and the short-tailed keyword: “best ten digital marketing courses ” This is the long tail keyword. However, if you type aap for editing the image, it’s a short tail keyword. But the short-tail keywords also appear in the keywords mentioned above (Digital marketing courses ). I mean, by using long-tail keywords, your short tail keywords will be ranked automatically.

   2. Put the keywords in the title

   Depending on the topic of the article, you must choose a title. Remember, one thing, regardless of the title, should be the main WordWord of the item. Make no mistake that the keyword you’re focusing on is “how to write a Seo friendly blog post” as you write other content. Therefore, I wrote the same content in the title of the post. You have to understand this, let’s learn more now.

   3. Use the keywords in the first paragraph

   It should also be noted that when writing an article, you must use the keywords in the first paragraph. This will help SEO. If your article name is ‘SEO’, then you should use it based on keywords. I mean, “what is SEO” written anywhere in the paragraph. But remember one thing, your keywords should be written naturally. Don’t repeat keywords, and it violates Google’s guidelines. This is also called keyword stuffing.

   4. Use image alt tags

   No search engine can read the image. Instead, you should tell the search engine you used the photo and to whom it belongs. The image name must be entered in the alt tag.  Just like Seo has images, you have to write SEO with alternate titles. The search engine knows the meaning of the picture. Use keywords in alt tags to improve your article.

   You can also use a plugin called Seo Friendly Image. Another thing that can compress images which reduces page load time. When someone searches for Google photos, your picture may appear in them as well.

   5. Use title and subtitle (H2 and H3 tags)

   Using headlines and subheadings is SEO in itself. Always remember that visitors to the address know what is written in it.

   By the way, title and subtitle mean the keywords you should use in the H2 and H3 tags. But keep in mind that the words you write are entirely separate from the words you write and should be changed slightly before writing. For example, by taking “How to write an article” as an example, you can also write “How to write an article well”. You can also write it in the H2 tag, or you can write it in H3.

   6. Bold, relevant and essential keywords

   You can even do this after you’ve finished writing the post. This is also an excellent way to write SEO, friendly posts. Here, you only need the keywords related to the dark and the bold. This will make it easier for search engines to focus on the keywords. (It doesn’t mean you’ll be making everyone aggressive.) This method also allows your visitors to find the content in the article quickly.

   7. 1 to 2 italic keywords

   Saying fewer words means that one or two of your keywords are in italics. This will also make a difference in your essay. Always remember one thing that you will not repeatedly write words or phrases to arrange them. Otherwise, users will find your article boring.

   8. External links to high-quality websites

   You must have seen some extensive sites. Websites with High CPC, Rank, and PageRank. Link these sites to your page. If you want to write an article titled “What is a Blog”, you can link Sabbad’s “Blog” to other websites on it. You can use Blogging Sabbath to connect to the URL, which can also come from the Wikipedia website. When someone clicks on the “Saturday Blog”, they will be redirected to the WIKIPEDIA page.

   There are many websites, such as Facebook, Microsoft and Apple. These are high-quality sites. Through it all, you can associate specific words with the site. Google thinks this is very important. You can also watch the video to understand it better.

   9. Internal links to related articles

   If you have seen the video, you must understand what I want to explain. Internal links to related articles mean that a link to another item is provided in the article’s middle. If you have written articles about article quality in your writing, you can link to “What is SEO” in the middle, which will also be your written article. Does your website appeal to you? Your visitors will continue to read the other posts on your website. The bounce rate will remain the same. This is some information about internal links.

   10. Write high-quality content

   Use SEO and keywords as much as possible, but if you haven’t written code for your users, it’s not helpful. I mean that you always write high-quality content, which means relevant content, user-readable content and complete content. I wrote after the user read and thought I got what I wanted. You should also pay attention to the length of the article. Write an essay of 700 words. When you write high-quality content, you have to forget about SEO, and everything has to be kept in mind, which is what Google loves.

   11. Blog URL

   Blog URL is essential for improving articles in search engines. Provide a URL containing keywords only—your keyword in google. For example, 

   12. Use meta description

   In the meta description, you must summarize the entire article. When you publish a post, you must first see a Meta Description. In this case, you must use the keywords used in the post title, title description, and subtitle. It tells Google what your post is about. This also makes it easy to search on Google. This description should be approximately 140-150 words. You should never copy a meta description. We must always use relevant keywords. In WordWord, type your meta description in the middle of the header tag.


  This blog post is essential for every blogger on how to write SEO friendly blog post. If you are a blogger and want to grow up and enter a list of some great bloggers, please try all of the above techniques. Always remember that you are writing for users, not for the money. I have an old saying: “Don’t write articles for Google. Write articles for users.”

   I hope you like this article, what do you think, please comment below. If you want to ask any questions now, please write them down in the comment box below.

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