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Top 6 Apps to Help You Be a Better Leader

When searching for tools to develop into a better leader, look no further than the program store. From simplifying teamwork and procedures to relieving stress, there’s a program for it.

These apps Look after the small things, so company leaders can be the best leaders they are:

Monday allows leaders to quickly understand the status of projects and collaborate with group members. Inside the program, users produce boards that show projects, the staff member directing the project, and the condition of the job at each stage. Boards are customizable to make the columns and groups which make sense for each initiative.

Boards function as a summary of what’s happening, but the stage also allows users to get a more detailed view and communicate on each undertaking. Each job has its webpage, referred to as a heartbeat, that functions as a Facebook wall. Team members can post updates, data, questions, documents, photos, and anything they should share about the undertaking.

The app enables leaders to paint a big picture for the group to see everything is accomplished. The transparent platform builds better communication and teamwork and retains managers connected with what their team members perform daily.

In the electronic era, the newspaper is a waste, especially when it comes to bills and bills. Papers need to be processed and filed by multiple employees and can easily be lost. Move payments into the cloud to both simplify and expedite the process.

With, a digital payments platform for businesses, leaders can get, view, and handle bills in one area. The program handles both payables and receivables to maintain expense payments and clear on time.


Running a business is a lot of responsibility. Between big-picture management responsibilities and smaller administrative jobs, to-do lists run rampant, overwhelming leaders. Reduce errands with WunWun.


The shipping program enables users to place orders from stores and restaurants and have their purchases delivered within an hour. Like Uber, delivery prices fluctuate based on the time of day, traffic, and weather.

Outsourcing administrative errands might help leaders feel stressed and provide them more time to concentrate on clients and employees. A lighter workload may also give leaders a few much-needed downtimes to relax and spend some time with family.

With the pressures of running a company, private health and fitness are often low on the priority list. Along with the health benefits, regular exercise may alleviate stress, clear the mind and release endorphins for an energy increase. Use MapMyFitness to simplify workouts.

The program finds exercise routes in cities globally, tracks progress, and monitors overall action by uploading data from fitness trackers. The platform also permits users to log their eating habits and their workouts to promote general wellness better.

LinkedIn Connected

LinkedIn Connected uses information from the expert community to enhance connections and build stronger relationships. The app sends notifications about project modifications, birthdays, work anniversaries, and more, so users know when to reach out for their contacts.

Meeting with a new relationship? The pre-meeting intellect feature shows what the connection has in common and outlines their data into the important things to remember.


Nothing is worse than running into the subway and getting to the stage just as the train is pulling away from the channel. Being on time is always the target, but public transport can throw away the most punctual of all programs in a crowded city. Moovit takes the guesswork from public transport and shows the quickest and most convenient routes to shoot at any given time.

The program offers programs, maps, live updates, and navigation for more than 500 cities worldwide. Avoid the stress of being late and spend more time focused on what’s important.

What programs keep are you operating as a Better leader ? Which ones could not you live without? Let us know in the comments section below.


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