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Did You know about chrome extensions? How useful for bloggers and digital marketers If you are not aware

Chrome extensions are among the best methods to make blogging simple as they allow users to complete complicated tasks in half the time required.

In this article, I’ll talk about some of the most well-known Chrome extensions for bloggers, which cover almost everything you need, including search engine optimization, productivity tools, SEO optimization, web analytics.

Here is the Best Chrome extension for Bloggers

1- Grammarly

Grammarly is a web-based writing assistance tool with a no-cost Chrome extension. It is the most effective extension for bloggers who have a few mistakes in their writing.

Grammarly helps you with every mistake you make with your writing, from punctuation, spelling, style, and tone. Grammarly is available for paid and free subscriptions. The free plan is adequate to begin for newbies, and when you’re an advanced blogger, you should opt for a paid subscription that costs just $12 per month.

Grammarly is compatible with all of the websites that allow you to compose your text, such as Google Docs, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, and thousands of other sites that have text fields.

Download Grammarly’s complete guide pdf

2- MozBar

MozBar is a helpful Chrome extension for writers, which Moz offers. After installing MozBar, it will show DA (Domain Authority) PA (Page Authority) and backlinks and scores for spam on the websites you go to.

It also shows the web metrics for every listing when you type in a query on Google, as shown in that image. It is also possible to export your results in a CSV file.

Alongside DA and DA PA, MozBar also helps you analyze your page, backlinks, and optimization of your page. When you go to any website, you’ll find these options, as seen as shown below.

Moz Complete Guide Download Pdf 

3- SEOquake

SEOquake is a powerful all-in-one SEO toolkit that provides a comprehensive analysis of any site. More than 700k people on Chrome use it.

With SEOquake, You can view different SEO metrics, such as:

  • Google, Bing, and Yahoo index
  • Traffic and backlinks (free as well as paid)
  • Webarchive is a time.
  • Alexa and SEMrush place them at the top.
  • Social stats like Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
  • Advertising on display

To get more information about backlinks and traffic, You can join your SEMrush to SEOquake and view the reports in depth.

It also provides advanced SERP features, where you can see all information about every website in the search results, as seen in the image below. |Also Read – What is the bounce rate in SEO? how to reduce it?

4 ColorPick EyeDropper

ColorPick EyeDropper is a user-friendly extension that lets users pick colors from any website. Anyone searching for an easy color picker can download it to the Chrome browser.

It can support Hex, RGB, and HSL color codes. Additionally, ColorPick EyeDropper allows users to add any color into”the “color history to use in the future. With Snap Mode, you can quickly pick colors from the screenshot of the website page.

5- StayFocused

If you are easily distracted when working, StayFocused is the right extension that you’ll need. It helps you limit your time spent surfing the internet, which increases your productivity.

The process of StayFocused is quite simple, as you’ve allocated a certain amount of time to a particular website, for example, Facebook; when you have the allotted amount of time is up, the website will be blocked automatically and inaccessible for the day.

Through it, you can block nearly all websites, including the entire subdomains of websites and certain URLs and pages.

6- Hunter

Hunter is an effective email finder. It also has a handy Chrome extension with which you can search for email addresses all over the web.

With Hunter, You can search for every person’s email address on the site. Not only email addresses, but you can also find other contact details like names, social profiles, jobs titles, and even telephone numbers.

You can locate emails using two methods, either via the domain name or directly of the individual. You can also build lists of contacts that you could use in your marketing emails.

7- SimilarWeb

Are you interested in knowing how much traffic your competitor’s site receives each month? If yes, SimilarWeb will be able to help. It’s a Chrome extension used by millions of people to monitor website traffic.

Besides website traffic, you can look at other useful metrics, such as the global rank, the country rank business category, bounce rate, page views per visit, and average. Time to visit, top five countries as well as a traffic source.

8. WP Hive

WP Hive is a great plugin for bloggers who use WordPress. It will help you determine what plugin will work best for your site. It evaluates the plugin and gives details such as PHP errors, memory usage, and WordPress version compatibility.

To view the plugin’s insights To check the plugin’s insights, go to the page for the plugin on After you have opened the page for plugins, you will see the insights on the right, like in this image.

You can also evaluate two plugins using the “Compare Plugins” button. Enter the names of the plugins, and the extension will display the results of comparing.

9- FontFinder

Similar to a color picker, FontFinder is a font selector Chrome extension. Through it, you can view the fonts of any website on the internet.

Not just fonts, you can also find different information such as the color of the font, background shade, color of the font color, line height, font size lines, line alignments and font-weight, element type, and CSS classes and ID. | Also Read – What are difference between Black Hat vs White Hat SEO?

10- Mailtrack

With more than 1 million downloaded files, Maitrack can be an efficient tool that everyone must install in the Chrome browser.

It’s an email tracking tool designed for Gmail, including checks () on your email messages. Through Maitrack, you can determine the date your emails were delivered, read, or even opened by recipients. You can also track the number of times your emails have been was opened. It’s an excellent tool that will save you a lot of time. For instance, you do not have to inquire with your colleagues if the email you sent them has been read or go through your emails.

11. Keywords Everywhere

As a blogger, you will perform a lot of keyword research. Keywords Everywhere is a good keyword research extension for Chrome that you should install.

When you use it, you can discover many related keywords; people will also request the keywords and long-tail ones. You can also find keyword search volume, CPC, and competition.

Keywords Everywhere will also show estimates of organic monthly traffic and the ranking keywords for each website’s search results.

Not just Google, however, it also works with other platforms, including YouTube, Instagram (hashtag generator), and Amazon.

12- Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an SEO and keyword research tool. It also comes with one-stop SEO extensions for Chrome, which assists in SEO, such as keyword research, backlinks, and social.

Utilizing this tool, it is possible to examine the search volume of your keywords and SEO difficulty, CPC, paid difficulty, search clicks, and the age of the searcher.

In SERP, for each site, Ubersuggest displays domain authority and estimates the amount of traffic Facebook and Pinterest share in addition to how many backlinks you can export into CSV. CSV file.

It’s also extremely useful in your search for keywords since you can get lots of related keywords that are relevant to the country you’ve chosen.

Ubersuggest complete guide 

13 Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is the best alternative to the Keywords Everywhere extension. Both are the same application, but Keyword Surfer is unlimited free and has additional features.

With every search, you’ll find keywords with a high volume, CPC, keywords that have similar scores. Keyword ideas are available for different countries; you need to select the drop-down menu.| Also Read – What are keywords, and why are so important to SEO

14. Check My Links

My Links Check My Links is an online link checker Chrome extension that scans the entire webpage and identifies broken links.

With this extension, you will easily determine the links that are working and which are not working on any website. It is also possible to copy all broken or damaged URLs onto your clipboard for later use. Links that are not working are displayed in red, while active links are shown in green.

15- Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank is a simple extension that lets users examine the Alexa position of any site across the web.

In the above picture, aside from ranking, we also provide additional details like related sites and country rank, backlinks, and related keywords.

16- Multi Tabs for Search

Are you struggling on hundreds of websites and are tired of opening them one at a time in the browser? If so, Multiple Tabs Search is here to help.

It’s a no-cost Chrome extension that lets people access multiple URLs within an individual tab in Chrome. In addition to URLs, you can also search for multiple questions.

It lets you configure it in various ways, including adding additional parameters such as (site:) with each line or adding the HTTP:// before each URL. There is also the option to eliminate YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, iTunes, and other websites from the results.

17- BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a no-cost Chrome extension that lets you view the share count of social media and the social media engagement of the web page you’re visiting in your browser.

Utilizing the BuzzSumo extension, You can Twitter share, verify the backlinks on your website, look up the most popular web pages. Top content, and it is possible to share your content via social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

18 Redirect Path

The Redirect Path is a redirection checking tool for SEO in Chrome. With it, you will examine URLs on websites and discover various redirects.

The extension allows for various HTTP status codes like 302, 301 500, and 302.

Every redirect or HTTP status code provides additional information such as the IP address, cache date server, type of content, and language.


SEO META for 1 Click is an SEO Chrome extension used by thousands of users to look up SEO-related information on any website.

With it, you will find different metadata for websites or tags, such as description, title URL, canonical-tags heading levels, meta robots images with no ALT tag open graph tag Twitter card, and robots.txt.

Complete Technical SEO Guide by Google 

20- LastPass

LastPass is a no-cost password management Chrome extension used by millions of people to control passwords on numerous websites.

Utilizing LastPass, You can save details for passwords, credit card data, and even addresses. Additionally, you do not have to fill out forms when you save the details because they’ll be filled out automatically.

21- Tag Assistant Legacy

Tag Assistant Legacy is a Chrome extension made available by Google to allow users to check the most important tags on their sites.

It allows you to check if different Google tags are correctly installed or not, as with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. The procedure is simple. It is as simple as visiting the site and hitting the tag Assistant icon on the Chrome extension bar. It will inform you of what tag is installed and which tag is experiencing problems with installation.

22. Profiler for BuiltWith Technology

Do you want to know what technology is being employed by your competition’s websites or any other website on the internet? If yes, then here’s BuiltWith’s Technology Profiler extension for Chrome that will aid you.

It analyzes the website and discovers the various technologies used by the site, such as CMS (Content Management System) and widgets, plugins frameworks, CDN, JavaScript libraries, and advertising platforms.

23. Lightshot

Lightshot is a fantastic image capture Chrome extension with an intuitive interface that allows you to take pictures of everything online.

It lets you select any portion of the page and offers a variety of edit options, including line or arrows, rectangle marker, adding text, changing color, and changing edits. You can share the image on social media or save it to your system and print it.

It is also possible to upload photos to the cloud.

24 Facebook Pixel Helper

Similar to Google Tag Assistance, Facebook has also made available a free Chrome extension to test the application of Facebook pixels.

It can help you figure out the application and implementation of Pixel codes. Click the extension icon located on the Chrome extensions bar. It will let you know if the code has been implemented correctly or not.

25– Read Aloud

Sometimes, we are tired of reading lengthy blog posts or articles, where the Read Aloud Chrome extension helps us.

Utilizing the extension, you can turn the content of your webpage into speech in only one click. The most appealing feature of reading Aloud’s extension Read Aloud chrome extension is that it can support more than 40 languages. This means that you don’t have to worry about which nation you’re from; it can convert text to the language of your choice. Wish to.

26 Page Analytics by Google

Page Analytics is an essential extension that every blogger should use to understand how their visitors interact with their sites and websites.

Utilizing it, you can view what your users are doing on websites and view page views and averages. Time on page and real-time traffic, bounce rate, and exit rates. These metrics can be used to improve your site’s user experience and convert.

27- AddToAny

With AddToAny, You can post anything on the internet. It’s a straightforward extension that works with various social media platforms.

Please use it to share content via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, and even WhatsApp. All you have to do is click the AddToAny button to share the content.

You may also share any particular context on the website.


I’m sure that these chrome extensions for bloggers will help you save valuable moments and help make life simpler. However, there are plenty of extensions on the Chrome browser to help with almost any job. However, listed above are the most well-known and most recommended extensions for all bloggers.


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