Off-Facebook Activity

Facebook tracks you but you have option to stop it.

Facebook introduced a privacy feature last year. This was named Off-Facebook Activity by Facebook. This feature lets you view and control data for apps and websites that are associated with Facebook.

This allows you to clear the history of apps or websites with whom you are sharing Facebook data. For this, you are given the option to turn off Off-Facebook Activity. This will inform the platform to disconnect any information transmitted from your account.

Here you can also select which company you do not want to share the activity with. Then the platform will stop showing you its ad. For this, you have to make some changes in the setting. You can see Off-Facebook Activity in Settings. | Top Reasons to Advertise on Facebook in 2021

For this, you have to go to Settings and Privacy Settings. Here click on Settings. After that, click on Your Facebook Information. Here you can see the option of Off-Facebook Activity. By clicking on it, you can manage Off-Facebook Activity.

Here turn off any future activity in your account. Along with this, clear the history as well. Now let us tell you what happens in your account by turning off Off-Facebook Activity. Once you have turned it off and cleared the data, this information will be deleted from Facebook. For example, which website or app did you visit, and what did you do there.

The most significant advantage of this will be that you are not shown targeted ads from these websites. This is very important because now, based on the users’ data, targeted ads are shown to them. Due to this, many users also remain upset. After turning it off, you will be saved from it.

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