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Google Task Mate: How does the app work and how to get a referral code: Why should You use ?

Google is testing its Google Task Mate app in India that rewards users for completing many different tasks. Scroll to learn more about the application.

Google Task Mate has arrived in India and is now available for testing to some users in the country. The app is available on Google Play Store in Early Access and follows a referral system for new users. Users can use Google Task Mate to complete a variety of tasks using their device to earn money as rewards. Money is paid by Google in local currency and can be cached by users by linking

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Google task Mate: How does it works?

People who have access to the app can carry out various tasks shared by businesses from different parts of the world. This includes taking photographs of nearby restaurants, translating sentences from English into the regional language, surveying, and others. People can also choose to take the tasks they are interested in. A person can also choose to skip certain tasks. Additionally, the app allows users to complete tasks anytime and from anywhere.

The tasks may require users to visit businesses close to their locations and click pictures. It includes places like restaurants, storefronts, to name a few. Users will also be given an approximate time that will be required to reach the spot. Apart from this, it will also show the user the money they will make to complete the task. Google will also use the data submitted by users to improve its mapping services and conduct online business in people’s local area.

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Google Task Mate referral code/invitation code system

The Google Task Mate app can be easily downloaded by users by visiting the Google Play Store at the link here. However, the app is currently in beta and works on a referral system for new users. This means that you will need a referral code to be able to use the app. So, if you are willing to try the app, your only way to access the app is Google Task Invitation. Right now, the only way to get a referral code is through an invitation. You also need to make sure to use the code as soon as possible as soon as you get each hour.

Why should You use Google Task Mate?

Its application all about earn money from anywhere how much You can earn it all depends on Your skills You will get Your rewards in Indian currency and Truly I tell You, You will get work like You have a skill of photography, translation local language etc small task You will get But Remember one thing still referral code is not published in public application is still testing mode So You can wait for invitation code ya referral code, If any person said you I have referral code I can share with You but You have to pay money for referral but it’s nothing like that all scam doing people.

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