How Important is that the “About Us” Page for Your Business?

How Important is that the “About Us” Page for Your Business?

When visitors attend your website and/or social media profiles, the primary place they are going is your landing page.

If they need an interest past your landing page, they’re going to probably attend your “About Us” page to find out more.

There are numerous websites with all types of data and everyone sort of looks and feels. When an internet site visitor decides to travel to the “About Us” page, he or she is on a fact-finding mission, also as trying to find the “story” of your business.

If your website merely speaks about your products and/or services, you’re selling it short. People have an interest in learning an excellent deal quite just that about you and your business.

Of course, different visitors have an interest in several sorts of information. One among the primary and most simple pieces of data that your visitors are trying to find is who you’re and the way you came to be where you’re at now.

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Your “About Us” page is a superb thanks to communicate to your visitors who you’re and to offer them the arrogance to know that you simply and your business possess the talents and knowledge that they have to be ready to solve their particular problems. Your “About Us” page should answer the subsequent questions:

  • Who are we?
  • Why do you have to choose us over somebody else
  • What can we do?
  • When did we start?
  • How can we do it?

When you’re speaking about who you are, it’s an honest idea to incorporate photos of you and your key staff members also as biographical sketches for each of you.

The sketches should highlight the educational background and work experience. That information is of great comfort to someone who could be on the fence regarding whether to shop for your products and/or services.

When faced with the concept of why someone should prefer to work with you rather than choosing somebody else, you would like to state a flawless case of what’s in it for them. How wonderful your products and services are and the way nice everything that you simply offer looks is of little importance.

All of your readers are concerned about is what they’re going to get out of an account with you. They have to know what you’ll do to assist them to solve their problems.

The page should have an outline of your business, which answers the “What can we do?” question. It should even have a mission statement, which can explain they you are doing what you are doing. Of equal importance is to elucidate your business team, in order that people can relate to you and your staff on a humanistic level.

If they see that you simply have serious training and work experience within the area about which they’re interested, they’re going to feel comfortable. Another good thing to speak is how you came to where you’re now, particularly if you’ve got a singular and compelling story to inform.

The content on your “About Us” page must address all of the details regarding your business; however, it’s an excellent idea to contribute some tidbits that aren’t necessarily connected to what you’re doing now but which add another dimension to your presence.

Your content thereon page must really communicate what’s different about your business and will have a transparent message on why people can purchase from you rather than from somebody else.

You should communicate during a clear and concise manner. the knowledge thereon page says an excellent deal in terms of how it represents your business and what it stands for. You can’t separate what you’re as a business from how you’re represented online.

Your information should give the proper amount and sort of data and you shouldn’t worry such a lot about giving an excessive amount of away.

If your visitors are truly curious about going further in your relationship together, they will. Always remember to incorporate a call to action, which enables your visitors to urge a hold of you, either by phone or by Email.

Your online presence is all about relationships and interactions with people. The more you interact on a private level, the better it’ll be to create relationships together with your readers and eventually, they’re going to become your customers.



There are many various sorts of visitor who inspect your “About Us” page. There are first-time visitors, regular visitors, people that want to share a relationship with you and work with you and potential customers.

With every sort of visitor to your website, you would like to be ready to offer enough informative and useful information to influence them to determine a way stronger reference to you and your business (such as becoming a lover, user, or customer).

Although not everyone who visits your website will find yourself visiting your “About Us” page, you would like to form bound to entice those people that do click on the page.

You’ll accomplish this by having content that’s insightful, interesting and eventually makes your visitors believe that they can’t live without what you’re offering.

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