How To Avoid Getting Your Adsense Account Terminated
Since then, Google has always been the undisputed leader of search engines and has permanently attached great importance to its search engines’ quality and relevance.  Most importantly, the company is now in the public domain.  To the satisfaction of shareholders and engine users, the quality of the returned results is essential.
    For the same reason, doing something intentionally or unintentionally in Adsense and other forms of advertising can result in heavy penalties and may even lead to your ban or termination.  Take a good step to prevent the person who has done the wrong thing from doing the same thing again.
    So, for those who are considering getting a job with Adsense, don’t just think about the strategies you will use to generate more income.  Please think about a few things before you get involved.
    Hidden Text.  Fill in a small amount of text to create the same color as the background on the ad page, and use CSS for your sole purpose of uploading rich keyword content and copying content to the ad page, which makes you suitable and the hidden ones  Rewards  People link.
    It has been sent many times.  Sending multiple copies of domains and pages is another issue.  For example, submitting your Adsense URL as a separate URL is similar to creating or eliminating problems.  Once again, this is the reason to avoid automatically presenting information for those who receive requests.  It is best to check that if a search engine already submits your domain, try submitting again.  If you see it there, please proceed.  There is no need to consider whether to post again.
    Decide the page.  It is common to use a browser or bot sniffer that provides services for robots on pages other than visitors to view.  It is impossible to load pages with robots that human users will not see.  This prompts them to click on something they like, but they don’t want to.
    Link farm.  Be careful of who and what you link to your Adsense account.  Search engines know that you cannot control a link.  But you can control the link.  In search engines, especially Google, link farming has always been a rotten apple.  There is enough reason to try to avoid it.  If the links on a page are above 100, you will be classified as a farm connected to a server, so try to make it no more than this link set.
    Page rank for sales.  If you have been online for some time, you may find that some websites sell their PR links or do business with other websites.  If you do so, please stop its use at any time in the future.  You can sell ads or get links.  However, doing this directly in your page ranking ads is one way to harm a search engine.
    Access.  This is similar to hide the page.  In search engines, the standard practice for loading pages with selective keyword ads is to redirect visitors to another “easy to use” page, which is a significant problem.  Many SEO companies provide this type of service.  Now that you know its true meaning, please try to avoid it at all costs.
    Multiple domains with the same content.  If you don’t know, the search engines will see the domain’s IP address, the date of registration, and the entirety.  Many domains with similar content are not something you cannot hide from them.  This is true when content is redirected to the same content on different pages, sub-domains, and multiple domains.
    Many of the above methods apply to most search engines, not just Google.  By defining your ideas and facilitating creating Adsense with web pages for users rather than robot users, you can assure that ads and websites have advantages.
    Not to mention avoiding the search engine outbreak and shutting down accounts and website altogether.
    To make money with Adsense, you need to focus on the goals you want to achieve and how to achieve them.  Like any other type of business, it takes time and patience.  As long as you follow the Terms of Service, you will have many years of experience using AdSense.

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