How to choose domain name?

How to choose domain name?

The first thing to try to do is to put on an honest name for your blog. It’s important to put on an honest name for your blog... 

as you’ll be cursed with the name for the remainder of your blogging life, unless in fact you opt to quit and begin a special blog and choose domain name, but you’ll also get things right the primary time around.

There are not any specific rules for selecting a website name but the subsequent guidelines will assist you to choose an honest name.

Use Keywords: Use words that might make it easy to work out what your blog is about. As an example, a website name like makes it easy for visitors to understand that your blog is centerd on blogging or bloggers (or somewhere around there).

Keep It Short: Make sure that the name of your blog is as short as possible, and straightforward to recollect. Anything long and difficult to recollect would make it hard for people to seek out your blog again if they lost the link. Imagine a blog with a reputation like You get the idea!

Easy to Type: The domain name should be easy to type (and easy to remember), and if you are doing what I discussed previously (use words that might make it easy to work out what your blog is about and keep it short), then you ought to have already got something easy to type.

Domain Name Extension: The simplest name extension to settle on is .com because it is that the hottest, and while you’ll accompany something else, I’d recommend you accompany a .com simply for the very fact that the majority people recognize it. 

Nobody can really argue that .com is indeed the foremost popular name extension. However, if you would like to travel with something else, then feel liberal to do so, though I’m not gonna recommend it!

You can buy .com domain names (amongst others) for around $10 on platforms like Godaddy, Namecheap and a number of other others.

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