How to Select a Hosting or Blogging Platform?

How to Select a Hosting or Blogging Platform?

Now you’ve got to settle on a hosting platform. Consider your blog as if you’re getting to build a house, but before you build your house you would like land to create the house on. 

Well, your blogging or hosting platform is sort of a piece of land that you simply would put your blog on.

There are two major options when it involves choosing a hosting platform for your blog. You’ll choose either a self-hosted blogging platform or choose a free blogging platform.

Free blogging platforms are platforms like and that permits you to host your blog on their servers for free of charge. 

In fact, you don’t get to buy a website name to use a free blogging platform; all you would like to try to do is to register, choose a website name and you’re good to travel.

But nobody goes to require you serious with a blog name like or All free blogging platforms accompany these sorts of domain names which look unprofessional. 

If you’re actually doing this blogging thing with the goal of replacing your job with a blog, you’ll also start with knowledgeable name like a .com, because it just makes your blog look all the more credible and professional.

Though if you’re really totally broke or simply happened to be a cheap-skate, then accompany the free blogging platform, but it’s getting to make it tons harder to create a following that way supported what I’ve seen, though technically you’ll roll in the hay.

I’m recommending you choose a self-hosted platform, something like:,,,, and I can’t make the decision for you on which self-hosted platform you choose, so I’d recommend to look at Google with the keyword “hosting” or hosting provider and pick the one you wish.

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