How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to reinforce Your Website’s Health and Traffic

Google webmaster tools are employed by many website owners to realize great insights into their websites. If you’re not yet using webmaster tools, you’re missing out on critical information about your website which may assist you get more traffic and make your website more healthy.

Web And SEO Analytics Concept 

With Google webmaster tools helps you get information about what percentage times your website was displayed in Google search results & what percentage clicks it received that keywords than on. you’ll also get information about what percentage pages are submitted and the way many are indexed within the program.

Some notable features that are included in Google Webmaster Tools:

  • Check Keywords and their impressions and clicks
  • Check your website for malware
  • Check the status of structured data
  • Get notified if there’s a sudden drop in traffic
  • Get notified if there’s an issue with the website
  • Fetch as Google bot and submit the page to Google
  • 404 / Not found errors on your website
  • Incoming links from other websites and internal links
  • Remove certain URLs from the program index
  • In this article, i will be able to show you step by step the way to add your website to Google webmaster tools and the way to form the utmost use of this tool from big G.

Step 1: Add Your Website and Verify

The first step in using Google webmaster tools is to feature your website and verify it. you would like a Google account to urge a webmaster tools account.

add website

The best thanks to verify your website is to download the HTML verification file and upload it on your website. you’ll do that through File Manager in your cPanel. Keep the file there even after the verification is completed. Another method to verify your website is by adding a TXT record to your name . this is often a touch on the technical side but while adding and verifying your website, Google gives instructions on the way to roll in the hay counting on where you’ve got registered your domain. you’ll also add additional administrators to your webmaster tools account.

Step 2: Create a Sitemap and Submit it

If you’re using WordPress as your content management system, you’ll create a sitemap for your website using free plugins. A sitemap may be a page that contains an inventory of all the pages on your website. This page helps the program s to index your website and add your website’s pages to the search engine index and search result pages.

How to submit XML sitemap in google webmaster tools

Now new version is available of google search console You have to visit the site then click on log in with google account then click on three-dot then ( add property ) where put URL or domain name. after verification then visit the sitemap option where You have to submit  like that

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