Identify fake news of WhatsApp in these five ways, know complete details.

Identify fake news of WhatsApp in these five ways, know complete details.

Fake news is spreading rapidly in the Corona period.  People also forward messages on WhatsApp from anywhere without thinking.  This is the reason why incidents like mob lynching happened in the country.  We must investigate any message, claim or link received on WhatsApp.  But in such a situation, the question arises of how to identify fake news; then you will get the answer in this news.  Here we will tell you how you will locate any message, link, or claim.
 Let’s know…

Check Forward Messages

Whenever you have received a forward message on WhatsApp, then definitely check it.  Check the claim made in the news on Google.  Also, get the message checked from a trusted source as well.  With this, you will be able to identify the fake message and avoid sending it further.

Avoid text messages

 Often, we get such messages in which the facts along with the spelling are wrong.  Such statements are fake.  Delete such a message immediately, and do not forward it to anyone.  By doing this, you will be able to stop the spread of fake news. | Also Read : Why is social media important for bloggers

Check the picture

 Be the first to check any photos and videos you receive on WhatsApp.  It usually happens that pictures and videos are edited and sent to spread fake news.

Pay attention to the link

 Do pay attention to the link in the WhatsApp message.  If the link has the wrong spelling, it may be that the link is fake.  So in such a situation, do not open the wrongly spelled link. Otherwise, your personal information may be leaked.

Use PIB Fact-Check

 If you have doubts about a message and want to check its quality, you can take the help of PIB Fact-Check.  Here you will find information about those fake messages, which recently went viral on WhatsApp.  Apart from this, you can inquire about fake messages by going to
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