Keyword List Multiplier

Primary Keyword Phrases   Desired Variables (city, state etc.)  
Desired Variables (city, state etc.)   Desired Variables (city, state etc.)  

If you're using this for Google Ad Words, you likely want to leave these boxes checked.
Retain Broad Match   Add Exact Match   Add Modified Broad Match
Add Phrase Match   Add Negative Match

 Checking this box CHANGES this tool, so it will generate EXACTLY what you input. Do do not use with the Adwords match types.

This option KEEPS any spaces or other characters you may add, like pipes, spaces etc. and will NOT add its own spaces for use in Adwords.


If you are one of the many people that want to increase your traffic to your website then you should consider using the Keyword List Multiplier. If you use that tool you can increase the amount of traffic to your website by up to 200%. This is a tool that I am sure that all internet marketers would want to get their hands on and use. The Keyword List Multiplier is a program that will help you identify profitable keywords to use in the search engines. Once you have identified these keywords you will be able to see how much competition you will face for each word.

The reason that this tool is so useful is that it allows you to know what the search engines are looking for, in regards to keywords. What’s more, it will tell you how much competition you are likely to face. This can give you a huge advantage over your competition, making it much easier for you to achieve great success with your website. Some of the best features of the Keyword List Multiplier include; it gives you instant search engine results, it shows you how many competitors are charging for each search word, you will also get information about popular variations of a keyword, and much more. This is one of the most effective and powerful tools that you can use to dominate search engines.

These are some of the tools that you can use when it comes to keyword finding and choosing profitable keywords. If you really want to dominate the competition, you need to make sure that you are using the best tools available to you, such as the Keyword List Multiplier. These tools can allow you to do just that and much more. Remember, your website is your storefront to the internet and if you want to run an effective business, you must ensure that you know the importance of search engines.