Website Secret - A Secret Action Plan For Making Money Online From Home!

Website Secret – A Secret Action Plan For Making Money Online From Home!

There are a few “secret” actions that a professional online marketer knows that the beginners don’t know. Those actions are not the words of a guru. They are a proven plan that internet marketing professionals have in place to take the newbie and the experienced marketer to the next level in their online business.


Here is the action plan…


1. Voicemail your clients.


Most people love to have a conversation with their closest friends and family members. Free yourself up and create some action stimulating audio messages and post these messages every match on a free audio recording service that everyone can use.


Connect this service to your email service and you will never miss another opportunity to connect with your audience.


3. Write for article directories.


Writing content for the web is a never ending task. But every little piece of content helps to build your internet business!


Do three to four articles a week and a day will give you tons of content to distribute and promote .


4. Create a blog.


I love the blog. By writing posts about my “why’s” I help my readers connect themselves with the why in their life.


The great thing about a blog is that it is a fantastic way for you to create content and promote your products at the same time. You simply set up an auto-loading post feature to post your blog posts at specific times and day of the week you desire.


You can use this as an opt in page and call it a “Product Creationemis.” Until you seduce your visitors with your content.


5. Create and write a press release.


Write a press release and submit it to media outlets using a press release submitter like PR Web. This will drive direct traffic to your website as well as expand your business when you get a media outlet like to endorse your Website for the starting amount of $1,000.


6. Create a teleseminar.


A teleseminar is a GREAT way to add hundreds of satisfied visitors to your website while multiplying your sales leads.


You simply write a script for a five to 10 minute teleseminar, tax preparation, or other conversation.


Sounds too simplistic… you are telling them you are the expert everyday.


7. Create a video.


Stream a portion of your teleseminar right on your own computer and upload it to free video applications like you tube. You can even convert it into a DVD as well.


Again… it will not only help increase targeted traffic to your business but it will also help connect you with more people by also creating a great new source of long term income.


8. Record your set.


I love the power of the phone and the perceived power of the video so whenever I show up on a call or see something I like to talk about e-mail or it and record it.


The power is tremendously powerful.


9. Create a conversation.


Record from your conversation with your clients and this can be done anywhere on the web.


I use Skype as my main conversation platform, interjecting, plausible incentive and explanation, then you can just add some commentary or ask for slightly added information.


10. Capture your keyword “piring.


You can either record your Conversation or strategically capture the inspirational points and thensell screen capture to everyone you meet or outsource it to get the perfect conversations.


This is just a brief list of ways you can use to take your online business to bigger profits. It is really a secret… no one told you and everyone benefits from the same. Marketing guru’s have prepared this action plan for you now.


I don’t charge a consult fee to help you. All I want you to do is take the steps needed to implement this action plan and watch your business grow. I promise that this is a no brainer!

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