Best 10 Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

Best 10 Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking web sites are sites on which Internet users share their web pages, articles, blog posts, pictures, and videos. There are many advantages of submitting your content to one (or even more ) of the websites. To begin with, they help increase your brand awareness.

The people who have access to good content make it a lot more probable your articles will go viral.

These sites also help get your blog posts indexed more quickly and improve your site traffic. Any search engine optimization company will be familiarized with this plan and put it to use as part of its marketing plan.

Popular social bookmarking Sites


Let’s focus on the major one (and one people might not connect with social bookmarking a lot). Twitter is an excellent tool for this, and also you’re able to reach it in a couple of ways.

First, only posting links, pictures, and articles with your accounts means you will have technically bookmarked them. You could then return through your accounts to discover things back again.

In addition to that, you can also use the like button for many tweets. Many people use those exciting bookmark things they find and go back to them later on.


Pinterest goes for the”series, do not tell” approach for marketing, and with 70 million users, it’s been quite successful. Most of its users (80 per cent ) are women, and 42 per cent of US adult women online have a merchant account.

Over 1 / 2 daily users consult the site before making a purchasing decision at a store, and the typical arrangement for traffic called the area is 58.95.


StumbleUpon is among the more critical social bookmarking sites. You can add more details at any time you bookmark something, such as what sort of material it is and its particular subject.

It comes with a terrific toolbar to create this process simple. It also lets users input their interests and also be exhibited with relevant content submitted by other individuals.


Dribble is a right (and unique) bookmarking site aimed toward designers. Not only is this an excellent location for inspiration, but it’s a great place to obtain traffic to your site if you’re a designer or have a design crew.

A great idea for gaining any traction would be to encourage your design team to join up. Should they possess some downtime, see if they’ll put something unique and exciting together to go Dribble. It’s a perfect solution to showcase your team.


Pocket is a well designed social bookmarking site. It includes a program to Pocket stuff as you proceed, helping you save returning to the site all the time. You can also hunt by interest to discover exciting ideas.

This usually means adding your content to the website provides an excess avenue for individuals to find it. With well over 22m users, that is not to be sniffed at.


Digg has changed a lot over the years. Previously it had been like Reddit, at which the front page was curated through the users of the website. Editors carry this out, but it keeps its bookmarking role.

Digg can be a great spot to discover new content and organize it through your profile. Take care, and it will become quite addicting, though.


Reddit may be your self-styled front page of the internet’. Users submit links to stories, images or videos they find interesting, along with other Reddit users could either upvote or even downvote these submissions.

From upvoting, commenting, or downvoting, you can generate a list of content that is unread. Also, it is an excellent means to promote your content. If you would like to do that, have a look at our piece on subreddit analytics.


Slashdot conducts user-submitted news reports (with appropriate links) on Linux, computers, apparatus, games, cloud, cellphone, storage, security, management, book reviews, and much more. See submission guidelines for details.

We Heart It

We Heart It is a bit more specific. It mostly sticks to visuals — including images and videos — alone and also acts as a social network. But it currently allows you to submit articles in the same solution to Moderate. We Heart It positions itself as a location to seek inspiration.

Your website has 45m users. Therefore it’s well worth looking into deploying it. You may submit your stuff and see several excellent levels of traffic are available.

Scoop. It provides professionals, both business and non-profits, and corporations. Your website has well more than 1 million new users, so it got a substantial audience whilst maybe not the most prominent site with this particular list. Choose from one or free of the paid plans, depending on the number of topics you wish to post.

If you are likely to work with social bookmarking web sites as part of one’s marketing plan, don’t ignore the societal part.

Do be a good online neighbour and”pin” other users’ articles, RT other users’ articles that are interesting, and participate in discussions.

The more generous You’re, the more you will find that other customers will probably return the favour with your exciting content.



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