Motivation in the Work Place Doesn't Just Happen

Motivation in the Work Place Doesn’t Just Happen

It’s so nice when you get a company to hire you because of the skills you have/what you know. Some people will complain when they are passed over for a promotion or a raise because they didn’t get the expertise. That is why I learned a decade ago that motivation includes many skills, not just one.

The salesman or professional salesperson could meet the customer, answer the objections, and be taught the presentation. But if they don’t have it written down and accompl concern the customer, they will only create ambivalence and delay.

Every employee has experience in different positions, and have different personality types. We are all different. It is very hard to have them all in the games too, wouldn’t you agree? So what are those other characteristics that come up, like “is not independent“. All of those are natural emotions, are they normal or are they just too important for you to avoid?

Those are two questions that I come to in life. Of course, you could say “Oh no! I couldn’t possibly go without some friends, however, my friends are not right for me“!

One should consider making the change. Some people may be herd followers of others, no matter what they do or where they go. They have their own comfort zone; they don’t want to get too worked up over it.

Let’s say you say that you’re a neat freak, and you don’t get frustrated at work too. If you’re a salesperson, you will want to be liked. If someone loves to sit in the chair then that’s the chair that you’ll probably have the most difficulty in changing (but you can still try).

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Many people want to join a group of like-minded people; working together in a group is more relaxing and less painful, or a feeling of belonging.

I have two situations, in which I want to be a part of, but outside of your colleagues is more satisfying, trust me.

One is structured, where it is true and certain that plans, goals will be met. It isn’t all in who, but that specific group of people needs to be structured in a certain way.

The other is non-structured where the way you achieve the set goals isn’t from just one person. You don’t have to really push the limits, but if you want to, you can.

A decision of staying inside or outside within the group will be influenced by the other activities in their lives. You will want to find one that fits with your personality more. “I’m not sure if I will work well with my coworkers at the ad agency“.

You might argue, “The only interesting thing about working in the ad agency is that I have to stand up during roll call. Maybe I’ll be in the staff room. I want to be present“.

The problem is that if you do move out, you will get used to moving to a place. You might start hating your new office. However, to stay longer than three months at a single location is bad for your career. I try to bring my own bags now, even at a travel agency, because we expect elements of the package.

If you have friends or families already, instead of the little group at the ad agency, it will be easier. You will already understand the other people part of the job. You will know when and how you are being treated, you will have a decent idea of how this will affect them.

To get out, you may want to study them and watch the work they do. You don’t need to spend a lot, just make a contribution. Some are interested in socializing, so you should work hard at that.

Whatever it is that you want to do, it will fall into one of these three categories. If you understand it and you come up with solutions for yourself, you won’t give up the battle.

The others want to make friends with the “person” but are hesitant to find a group to join because they are afraid they don’t have in common. If they do not succeed, it must be a lack of motivation, not a lack of interest.

As a result, they would rather try to work with other people. I would welcome that or even find the reason to get involved. If they do not have these, they would be better off trying to volunteer to do something different again, the rest is unimportant stuff.

The last example is that of a student. If you are a student and want to find a place where you can make connections with people, be it in a group or even individually, then be careful with your motives.

There are many real places that simply offer this type of possibility, you may want to look for others. You do not need to join any group, but there are some groups that offer assistance for your education.

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