Nook vs. Kindle: What Ebook Reader Is Right for You?

Nook vs. Kindle: What Ebook Reader Is Right for You?

Here is everything you want to know to determine whether to purchase an Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook ebook reader ( Nook vs. Kindle: ).

Around the planet, ebook earnings continue to grow at a fast speed. And since so a lot of us are turning into electronic content, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your ebook reader satisfies your requirements. This guide will help you choose whether to purchase an Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook.

Let us be fair; most of our purchasing choices boil down to one thing: cost.


Barnes & Noble (making the Nook) and Amazon (making the Kindle) provide various versions under precisely the same name.

The entry-level Kindle can be found on Amazon for $79.99. The mid-sized Kindle Paperwhite prices $129.99, while the maximum spec device–that the Kindle Oasis–sells for $249.99.

Unsurprisingly, the three devices have pretty different spec sheets. We are going to examine them in more detail soon.


In the same way, you can find some Nook products. However, just one of these –that the Nook GlowLight 3–is an actual e-reader. Other devices are Android tablet computers, akin to Amazon’s Fire tablet computers. Yes, you may use these to read ebooks, but for dedicated bookworms, the brighter display and battery life make them unsuitable choices.

The Nook GlowLight can be obtained for $119.99, putting it into competition with all the Kindle Paperwhite.

Given both most direct competitors will be the GlowLight along with the Paperwhite, let us run through how they compare from a specs perspective.

The Nook comes within an 8GB variation, whereas the Paperwhite features 8GB and 32GB versions. However, 8GB should be sufficient for virtually all users, particularly considering saving content from the cloud.

The most critical difference in the usability standpoint is the existence of a physical button on the Nook. Although I own a Kindle, I’d prefer to utilize a physical button for page-turning–but finally, it comes down to a personal taste.

And lastly, there is one huge advantage the Paperwhite has within the Nook–it’s watertight. So you can submerge it for as much as an hour in 2 inches of water. That is a massive blessing for anybody who likes to see in the tub each night, in addition to for men and women that wish to use their apparatus by a swimming pool or on a beach while on holiday.

If you are the sort of person who spends all day reading ebooks, then it is pretty simple to assert that six-inch devices don’t offer enough screen real estate.

The single model that delivers a larger screen is your seven-inch Kindle Oasis. Much like the Nook GlowLight and the Kindle Paperwhite, the Oasis supplies a display resolution of 300 DPI.

On the opposite end of the scale, you may be happier using a lower settlement, particularly if you’re just an occasional reader. If that’s the scenario, you ought to think about the entry-level Kindle. You can save $50 by simply taking a settlement of 167 DPI. The display size remains six inches.

The battery life of a Nook and Kindle is so great it should not form a significant portion of your choice. Nook’s founders claim the devices last for 50 times; Amazon indicates a vaguer”Weeks” on its own three Kindle models.

Audiobooks also have undergone rapid growth in popularity during the past couple of decades. So much so it’s now estimated that over a quarter of the U.S. population has listened to an audiobook in the previous 12 months.

If you are an audiobook addict trying to pick between a Nook vs. Kindle , the Kindle is the apparent winner.

The most recent creation of three devices encourages audiobook playback through Bluetooth and via the headset jack.

The Nook GlowLight 3 doesn’t encourage audiobooks. It is worth noting, but the other tablet devices in the Nook array can download and play with them.

The elephant in the room is the deficiency of all EPUB support.

Nook devices encourage EPUB documents and PDF files.

Regardless of the differences, it’s likely to browse books on both apparatus irrespective of format if you are eager to use these online ebook converters.

An ebook reader is not much use without some ebooks to place on it. Nook users have access to this Nook Books store.

Of the two competing shops, Amazon’s is significantly more extensive and frequently more affordable. What’s more, Nook Books adds DRM to its ebooks; you will want to eliminate it if you would like to utilize the EPUB document on other subscribers.


Nook vs. Kindle: Additional Attributes


The two devices each include their selection of additional programs and attributes.

The scanner makes it possible for visitors to quickly skim through a publication to discover references to events, characters, references, and other info.

Nook apparatus have a nighttime mode (to avoid eye pressure ) and an automatic material discovery program named B&N Readouts.

Both products offer a ton of usability settings like a different font, text sizes, and a backlight option.

As you’d expect, you may also find lots of third-party accessories such as sleeves and cases –for both Kindles and Nooks.

Therefore, to come the whole circle, that’s the very best e-reader for you? In our thoughts, there is just one winner: the Amazon Kindle. The Barnes & Noble Nook has a few nice bits, but the Amazon Kindle is quicker, easier to use, also has access to a more fantastic store. The three distinct Kindle models also imply there is a device available for everybody.

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