Reasons Why you would like to use Social Media Marketing

I love social media, and use social media marketing is my favorite marketing channel. I might credit my entire success to social media. I think social media may be a wonderful opportunity not only to grow a business but also to create a brand and build a relationship together with your audience.

I’ve seen businesses and other people struggle with social media marketing, and once they don’t get the specified results, they question the facility of social media marketing. Does it really work?

The worst part is at this social age few businesses even have the doubt – why should I exploit social media. during this blog post, we’ll see why businesses should use social media.

Social media has grown at a fantastic pace within the last year, making it even more indispensable for businesses. Let’s check out the numbers.

There are 3 billion active social media users. That’s 40% of the whole world population. And 90% of the active social media users access social networks through mobile.

No matter what your business is, there’s a particular chance that your audience – prospects and customers are active on social networks. And, that’s the primary reason why you can’t and will not ignore social media.

use Social media marketing isn’t just a shiny new object within the marketing mix or the one solution for all of your marketing problems.

When executed correctly, it’s a measurable solution that’ll:

  • Increase Your Brand Awareness

Your presence on social networks will help people to seek out your brand not just on search engines, but across the online and on social networks. People love sharing information with friends and relatives on social networks, and when your content appeals to them, they’re going to share it, increasing your brand exposure.

  • Give Your Brand a person’s Touch

If you check out the foremost successful brands, you’ll notice that their ability to attach with their audience as humanly as possible is their secret to success. And it’s where many businesses fail. But, if executed correctly, social media marketing will give your brand the human touch and assist you to attach together with your audience.

The best example would be the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads by Apple which propelled them to become one among the foremost loved brands on earth.

  • Encourage Word-of-mouth Marketing

Most of the buyer purchase decisions are influenced by what people hear from their friends. When a lover recommends a brand or product, our intention to shop for doubles and social media just made it easy to inform all their friends about the brands they love and therefore the products they recently purchased. Social media marketing allows you to encourage and leverage word-of-mouth marketing to grow your sales and conversions.

  • Become The Customer channel

Social media has become the primary choice of channel for the purchasers because businesses take complaints raised on social media seriously thanks to the character of their visibility and skill to harm the brand and solve them quickly.

And it also gives businesses the chance to return calls with flying colors as a customer-centric brand by tending the problems in real-time, become the brand of choice for the potential customers.

Twitter and Facebook are filled with such instances.
And, that’s not all. There are many other benefits.
Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Increased Brand Recognition

Every post you create on social media increases brand recognition and visibility to both existing customers and potential new customers. It even gets better if you’re getting more shares and likes because it adds more credibility and trust to the brand. And its effect will spread across, and you’ll see benefits beyond social media.

For example, I’ve seen the brand searches of “Digital Deepak” grows exponentially with the social promotions I do.

  • Increased Brand Loyalty

Studies have shown that folks who like brand pages on social networks are more loyal to the brands than the remainder . Because, when people like and interact with a brand, they create and foster a connection or relationship with the brands that successively increases the brand loyalty.

An Affordable thanks to Increase Brand Awareness
Any business or brand can start with social media marketing and lift their brand awareness if they need a computer connected to the web. you’ll do tons with a little budget which makes social media marketing the well-liked and affordable marketing channel for startups and new business

  • Higher Brand Authority

The more people mention your brand on social media, your brand will seem more valuable and authoritative to new users. once you post regularly and regularly on social media, you’ll get more people to love, share, and discuss your updates, thus getting more people to mention you.

Smart brands and businesses not only create a reference to their customers but also use social media to attach with influencers and people within the industry. They specialize in tapping into the influencer’s reputation to grow their brand authority.

And, social media also can assist you position yourself as an industry expert and grow your professional network.

  • Build Relationships

Most of the companies fail at social because they treat it as just another medium to blast their sales talk or promote their products.

No. Social isn’t that channel, and that’s not how it works.

It’s a two-way channel that provides your brand and business a chance to create and nurture relationships with customers and potential customers – before, during, and after the sales or conversion. this is often something none of the normal mediums or channels are able to do.
Invest some time and energy in building social media relationships. The more you invest, the more valuable it becomes.

I would credit 75% of my success to the relationships I build through social media.

  • Build a Community

People want to be a part of a gaggle of community, a part of something unique and special that they will proudly mention and share with others. Communities are a strong branding force that will help businesses grow both online and offline. Successful brands build, grow, and thrive in such communities.

You already know this. The 60K strong digital marketing community that has grown to be one of the most important digital marketing groups in India has been the drive behind my success.

  • Gain Valuable Consumer Insights

Social media generates a staggering amount of knowledge about your customers and audience on a day to day, which makes social media a gold mine of data about your customers – who they’re, where are they from, what they like, and what they mention your brand.

Social media tools can assist you to watch customer sentiment, find the conversions happening about and around your brand in real-time, and use that information to form smarter business decisions.

  • Find What Your Competitors do

Social media not only allows you to find out about your customers but also helps you retain up with what your customers do – the contents they publish, their product and repair offerings, the complaints and appreciation they receive, etc.

You can monitor and use this data to form strategic business decisions to remain before them and improve your business by offering enhancements to products, services, or content they missed, thus capturing their market and mindshare.

  • Rich Customer Experiences

In today’s world, it’s all about customer experiences that make or breaks the brand or business. And social media gives you the chance to supply such fantastic customer experiences that’ll woo customers and make them your loyal army.

For example, if some customer complains about your product or service on Facebook, you’ll immediately address the difficulty, apologize publicly, and take action to form it right. Or, if he or she compliments you, you’ll thank them and suggest additional products or request them to spread the word.

It’s such a personal experience that tells the purchasers that you simply care about them.

  • Increase Website Traffic

In the absence of social media, your website aka inbound traffic is restricted to people that already know your brand and individuals are checking out keywords relevant to your business, and you currently rank for.

But, every social media profile you build is another route leading back to your site, and each piece of content you post on those profiles is another opportunity to bring a replacement visitor in.

The more quality content you post, the more website traffic you’ll generate, and more traffic equals more leads and more conversions.

This needs not much of explanation. whenever I share my new blog post on Facebook, I buy more visits and other people check in to my email list. and therefore the social media promotions also help me to shut sales.

  • More Conversion Opportunities

Every social media post you create gives you an opportunity to convert a customer. It exposes an opportunity to entice a reaction from your audience – new customers, recent customers, and old customers. and every reaction from the purchasers could eventually cause a conversion.

You may not see it, but all the likes, comments, and shares you get for your posts nudges your audiences towards conversion.
I’ve seen that folks who like most of my posts tend to get my courses before the others.


Social media is a tremendous and proven thanks to grow a web brand, and every one it takes is creativity, passion, and consistency to proceed within the right direction. If you’ve got not yet entered the social media, take a flash to organize an idea to make your profile and begin building your online community.

Regardless of the niche, your business belongs to; social media should be an important part of your marketing strategy. Every business should have a social media presence and a minimum marketing plan in situ, and you ought to be engaging your audience a minimum of once every week.

if you’re still brooding about getting started or taking social media seriously, take a flash and consider these points:

  • Your Competition is Already Social

Your competitors are already active on social media. meaning your potential social media traffic and conversions are being diverted to their business and website, thus growing their business.
Do you want your competitors to reap all the advantages while you’re still deciding whether to hitch the band or not?.

And If for a few reasons your competition isn’t yet active on social media, it’s an even better reason to urge started—to take the first adopters advantage.
The Earlier you begin, the Quicker You Get the advantages

Now you recognize that social media is all about relationship building, and it grows as your followers tell their friends, and people friends tell their friends, and so on. the sooner you begin, you’ll be ready to start growing that audience quickly.
Once the competition grows, the audience growth will hamper.

  • You Don’t Lose Anything

Basically, you’re not getting to lose anything by getting started in social media. Both the quantity of your time and money you spend to make your profiles and begin posting is typically minimal, considering other marketing channels.
Few hours every week or a few thousand rupees is all it takes to determine your social presence.

I hope this blog post has made it clear about the importance of social media marketing for any business and convince you to start out social media marketing if you haven’t done it already or put more effort into social media if you aren’t doing so.

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