Search Engine Marketing and SEO: Factors to Consider

Search Engine Marketing and SEO: Factors to Consider

Search engine marketing and SEO don’t have to be a long drawn affair. Here are several key search engine marketing and SEO factors to consider to help you kick start your online campaign:


The buzzword in the industry right now is keywords. Keywords help you define your specific niche, which can help attract visitors and convert them nicely. So what are some good keywords for you to focus on?

The trick is to think as your clients think. Imagine what the clients searching for would type in to find your products or services. You can take the keywords from your client base and combine them with noticeable keywords related to the site to improve the search engine marketing and SEO.

Building Backlinks

Backlinks are just links on other sites that link back to your site. This increases your site’s popularity and will help improve your search engine rankings.

The important thing is to make sure that the links are relevant to your niche. For example, if you are selling high-end car parts, links from Health Care sites will not help you achieve your rankings.

SEO has become a complex process, but by following the above 5 simple tips you should be able to see your online marketing efforts pay off in no time.

Implementing the above strategies will give you the edge over your competitors and propel your business to the forefront of search engines.

Select a specific niche

Building a specific niche isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of research and a strategy that can benefit your clients.

For example, if you are selling a lifestyle brand, your keywords might be “Lbucket Accessory Plropions” or “Home furnishings”.


Being consistent with your brand and your site’s content will also boost your site’s SEO.

You can create blog posts related to your business and simply refer to the page in your website that you want to promote from time to time.

This will not only draw visitors to your site but will also help improve your search engine rankings.

Which website resource will you use to create backlinks?

Easy, select a specific website or webpage that is consistently good.

For example, many people use the social media website Reddit forSubvertisingand make quality comments related to what they need. If you are able to curate a portion of conversations related to your market, this will increase your SEO for the given term, “lbucket Accessory Plrophics”.

Why not target your submissions to the No. 1 or 2 websites?

This will save a lot of time in your SEO efforts and will make your job a lot easier!

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Link Building

Why not use press releases and your blog for this purpose? If you have a blog with 500 words per day, this is the perfect amount of time to work on your link building.

Spend some time in article directories and a related forum related to your niche. Make sure to include your site’s link in your signature.

If you know your niche is right, you’re halfway there!

Step 3: Go Get Some Content

Time spent in article directories or forums used to be enough. Now you have to get up off your duff and start writing.

rewriting or copying other people’s content is frowned upon in the online world. Write your own original content or ask a writer for article content.

Writing about your products, services or niche is the best way to get quality links andWRONG: It’s Writer’s block for you!

Step 4: While Party People Are Looking

The truth is that there are dozens of Internet directories out there that are never used by human beings. Directories are designed to allow website owners to include their links when filling out their profile so that visitors who aren’t participants in the full Internet directories get redirected to the sites they want to.

Is there a way to vote for the directories you use?

Is there a way to “urge” (proofread) your links and let Google know you have quality content?

The answer is: NO!

I know this may sound crazy, but you need to stop thinking of links as posts and votes. They are for the search engines. Writing good content is just as important as getting votes for your site!

Step 5: Keep it Fresh

New content is just as important as quality content. Google rewards websites that are getting updated.

A stagnant stepping up quality content is not going to perform as well as a website that is updated on a daily basis.


In summary, when you start your next SEO campaign you want to begin with questions:

  • How can I get my website to rank higher?
  • What makes your website/blog stand out?
  • What offers do you have that differentiates your website from others?
  • What links does your website have?
  • Where can I find your website?
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