The Ugly Truth About Blogging On Free Hosts Is Not A Good Idea

The Ugly Truth About Blogging On Free Hosts Is Not A Good Idea

  This article is about blogging and why you should never blog on a free host like or  I am writing this to warn people outside, who are building blogs on free blog hosts like and

  Installing WordPress is free and gives you complete control over your blog.  There are other types to choose from as well as movable types.  Take a look around you and find the platform you love or which is best suited for your blogging style.  I have learned an expensive lesson and will now only blog on my own domain name.


Let’s start with

They have a new control spam bot.  Search Blogger Help Forum and you will find horror stories.  Legitimate blogs are being removed, people are being locked up until their blog is reviewed, and being considered a spammer because either the bot flagged the blog or someone placed a small flag button on the top of all Blogger blogs.  Clicked

The fact that they are constantly having problems in publishing, getting stuck at 0%, slow load time, etc. makes blogging great through and the reason for your content or blogging is up to someone else’s explanation.  Is or is not valid.

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I understand that to get rid of sprains and spammers, but in the case of, the treatment is worse than the disease.  They were not always this way.  I have been on Blogger for a long time and the service has been good.

As far as is concerned, they are just as bad.  If the blog connects to a website and it seems as if it is promoting people to visit that website, they will suspend your account without any warning and exclude you from all content.

I’m not sure what they think blogs are for, but they think they have a great purpose in life and they single-handedly decide what a “real blog” is.

An “actual blog” is one that is controlled by the person who writes it, not someone else should follow the idea of ​​what their blog should look like and what it should say.

If you blog on free hosts then just be aware of your content and your blog is in the hands of others, which will decide for the world whether your blog should be seen by others.

I suggest that all bloggers get their own domain names and set up their own blogs.  You probably know that using a free host for your company’s website is bad for business, so why put your company’s blog on a free host?

The same goes for individuals.  Blogs allow you to express yourself in the way you want to express yourself.  This is the beauty of blogging.  Are you ready to sacrifice your personality to suit or  Thinks there is a “real” way of expressing oneself?

Many times the person who decides your fate is the one who never has any authority over other people and who thinks they now have divine powers to decide the fate of content written by others.  These are people who themselves produce no material of value and think that they know what is best for the rest of the world.

Get your own domain name and set up a blogging platform that suits your needs.  This is the best advice you will get about blogging.  If you are on your own domain name, you only own the blog.  Everything else is providing content only to someone else.

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