Top 15 Blogging Mistakes You Can Avoid By Following These Simple Tips

Top 15 Blogging Mistakes You Can Avoid By Following These Simple Tips

Blogging is a great way to not only build an online presence for your small business but also help you gain new leads and customers. A blog is one of the most important marketing tools that you need to run a company but when it comes to running a blog there are many mistakes that bloggers make here is a Guide to avoiding Top blogging mistakes |Also read: What are the most effective blogging strategies?

Not having a plan

If you don’t have a plan for your blog then your chances of becoming a top blogging blogger are very low. It is better to take a few hours and figure out your website plan. If you don’t have a plan, then there are two reasons why you will fail to have a good blog. You don’t have an idea of what the topics are that you want to write about. And because you have no idea what the content will be, so you don’t know how you will write the blog. You don’t know about the flow of the blog. When you write a blog, then there should be a flow or direction that it follows. Otherwise, the readers will feel as if the blog is disorganized. These are some of the things that you have to consider before you start blogging.

Being too promotional

If you ask a million bloggers what is the biggest mistake they have made with their blog, a million of them will tell you that they have written so much about their product that it became promotional in nature. It is true that we have to be promotional but only as much as needed. Don’t make your readers share your posts everywhere just so they can get the chance to join your email list. Blogging mistake #3Not having sufficient web traffic Building a website to promote your blog is critical. It is an investment. You should choose the best web hosting company, and with an internet connection that you can afford. Once your website is up, traffic is key. You must look at measuring the number of visits to your site. You also want to know how many unique visitors your site gets.

Not building an email list

When building a blog there are three elements that you need to look at first. The first element is what is the blog about? This is crucial as you need to think of what will be the content of the blog and what questions should it answer for your target market. The second is how you can get visitors to the blog, you need to ensure that you will answer questions or provide valuable information. The last element is the list of blogs you should look at, in my opinion, that is where you get the best traffic. Once you have a blog address, you need to get traffic to it. However, not everybody is going to want to come and read your blog so you need to provide incentives. Examples of this would be – offer an email subscription for your blog readers to your list.

Not tracking your progress

When you run a blog, it is very important that you give yourself a solid goal so you can track your progress and how your blog is performing. When you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know when you’re running out of ways to say, “I don’t know!” so this is one of the mistakes you should avoid when setting up your blog. Blogging mistake #5Writing boring blog posts Blogging mistake #5Writing boring blog posts Now it is very possible that you are a brilliant writer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be your own worst critic. If you keep seeing your blog posts and writing ideas become boring to read, then you have to step back and think about how they can improve.

Not blogging consistently

The most common blogging mistake that new bloggers make is not blogging consistently. I find it common to see people just starting out or people who have been blogging for a long time that still haven’t started blogging consistently. You need to do this in order to learn the tricks of the trade and become a better blogger. Once you start blogging consistently you will see a huge jump in traffic.

Not responding to comments on your posts

Whether it is your own posts or your comments on others’ posts, if you aren’t paying attention you will see your comment count slowly drop. As your audience grows it becomes imperative that you respond to every comment that you get. You need to respond to every comment so that it builds your trust with your audience.

Don’t take on too much at the beginning

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you don’t want to have a blog that is more than you can handle because then you are not only spending a lot of your time blogging but also wasting a lot of your resources. In that case, you will have little or no money to create a physical product and services to sell. Remember, a blog is a type of product you need to sell Create a consistent theme After you have set the correct parameters for your blog, you need to ensure that you create a consistent look and feel. You also need to create a consistent theme for your entire blog. This will help your readers to know what they can expect from the blog.

Set Goals for Your Blog

Blogging is about improving your site but you have to be able to measure the success of each blog post. What is better than asking people to look at your website and in return they will read your content? Setting goals for each blog post can help you to know whether the content is helping your sales and conversions. You have to set goals in line with your brand’s goals and customer goals. Achieve Balance with Your Blog Posts Many bloggers get overwhelmed with the blog posts that they do and overdo them. When you publish too much of a good thing, it can hurt your blog. It is better to publish moderate posts instead of over-posting every post. Exclude Marketing Content When you first start out you want to give away free products and make your audience part of your brand.

Use a Professional Design

Your site design should reflect your company’s brand and mission. A professional company website should not only help you gain leads and clients but also promote your brand. Designing a great website helps you attract new clients. If a prospective customer views your website and it looks appealing, then they will visit your company website to learn more. A good design has the power to promote your business and get your customers to follow you to get the latest information about your company. The design of your website is very important for Google to rank your website as well. Mention Competitors in Your Posts This is a mistake that is commonly seen in many blogs. In a competitive business world, it is very important to mention competitors in your content to increase your rankings.

Stick to a Schedule

If you make blogging part of your online strategy you need to make it a part of your life. As this is your primary marketing tool, it’s also your primary time consumer. For example, if you want to learn how to start your own business and have a successful business, you need to take time to find what works for you. Don’t take all of your time on a silly picture of your dog. I was once told that if I didn’t put up a new post every weekday at 5pm, then I was just going to burn out because I would just start writing about the same thing over and over again. If you take the advice, put a schedule together that works for you, you will be able to gain some momentum with your blog.

Promote Your Blog

You have a well-written and informative blog. The best part is you have got tons of readers who are coming to your blog. They are your loyal fans who read your blog daily and leave amazing feedback for you and some even to your website. You have built a good audience. The great news is that they also know your business and are not that different from your customers, so they can promote your products and services. However, with them supporting you, there are things you should know so that they do your marketing work for you. Nowadays, you can reach a huge number of people with the help of Social Media. Most people are using online channels to connect with you and start a dialogue with you. The same goes for your blog; you can build a strong community around you with the help of social media.

Treat your blog like a business, not just a hobby

Before starting a blog, it is advisable to identify what you want to blog about and to create a blog title. Also before you start blogging you must give some thought to what you want to write about. Creating a blog has become easy nowadays and you can write on any topic as per your choice but not everything. Plan ahead There are certain mistakes that you can’t avoid at all, and you just need to do them to run a business. But you can definitely avoid these by planning ahead. Before you begin to write a blog it is very important to set up a Google Alert so that you can track any mentions of your blog on different blogs or other websites. This will not only help you to discover your blog through other bloggers’ blogs but also give you an idea of the website traffic your blog is generating.

Ask for Feedback

You have to be open to suggestions and feedback. You are not a robot and no blogger is. They take comments from their audience and use them to make changes in the blog. You will get many suggestions that you should add, remove or improve your blog. Do Your Research Doing research will help you to deliver your posts on time, and help you to find any errors that you might have missed in the research. Publish Regularly Being regular about publishing will help your blog stay on top and let your audience know that you are also a person that they can rely on. If you are not blogging regularly they will think that you are just doing this to get more traffic and page views. Focus on one task Doing too many tasks at the same time will make your work difficult.

Quality over Quantity

Focus on quality rather than quantity. You do not need to do over a million stories. Focus on the key content that will help you generate leads and convert more customers. Ensure you post at least three quality stories a week. Sticky Posts Share your posts on social media regularly to increase the chances of them being shared by readers. Sometimes a post will be shared more than once on Facebook or Google+, it is because the post is really useful and has high-quality content. Measuring Content and Social Profiles Google Analytics has many great features. Check to see how much traffic you are getting and what social media reach you are getting for your posts. Try and increase the reach of your posts in order to increase your search engine optimization and driving traffic to your website.


We hope you enjoyed our post about common blogging mistakes. As a blogger, it is important to know how to avoid these mistakes so that you can produce top-quality content for your readers. We hope that you are able to avoid these mistakes so that you can produce the best content possible. If you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing it with your friends on social media via Facebook and Twitter. We would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for reading!



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