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What do you understand by political campaign strategies

Only in America! Through thick and thin, the United States’ political campaign began two years before the presidential election. Now, you might think that if you spent a year searching for the most qualified candidates around the country, one more year would be enough for candidates to unravel and implement their political campaign strategies.

However, this is not how it works. Two years before the actual vote, wealthy individuals going into politics should first announce their candidacy. Following the announcement, several rounds of fundraising were conducted to create the candidates’ coffins, mainly underway. Freelancers and anonymous people may have high qualifications but have no chance. Why? Nobody will give them money. “Who is he?”

The strategy of the political campaign appears to be based on first name and facial recognition. In front of our core American values, this does not seem to be true. When we apply for a job, the employer usually does not understand or recognize us. Employers are looking for the person best suited for the position, not the family name. So why didn’t this fairness and diligence reach the highest rank in the United States?

So, go to step two. When candidates have raised enough money to run their campaigns, they begin to use their fingers lightly to understand American sentiment. What is the big problem? What excited the audience? In the past year, Iraqi and advanced medical services have captured a large part of the public mind. The Hurricane Katrina disaster has become an increasingly severe infrastructure problem and is a topic on the kitchen table. Therefore, the candidate resonated with the public and devised a strategy for the initial political campaign.

In recent presidential elections, negative political campaign strategies became taboo among the public. Therefore, the political campaign strategy of this season avoids cheating like the plague. Dissatisfied voters will not vote against this person.

No matter how bad it is, the political campaign strategy seems to have already evolved to satisfy the most significant number of voters. Truth and belief often put utilitarianism in the second line.

Some candidates insist on truth and conviction, which is not suitable for them. The success of a political campaign strategy depends on the number of conversions of phrases or TV commercials. In a way, this is not the best way to elect a president worthy of his dedication.

This year, due to the lack of TV, Iraq began to disappear from the public eye. We have now heard a more general call for change, which constitutes a broadly defined fund for current political campaign strategies. What do general voters think?


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