Who is blogging platforms better for blogger ?

The two hottest blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger (owned by Google). A blogging platform is just a software that permits you to make, edit, update, delete, or generally manage your blog and posts.

Which of the blogging platforms better is? this is often an issue that folks ask all the time. At the instant, bloggers and web designers seem to possess reached a consensus that WordPress is best than Blogger for therefore many reasons. This is often not saying that Blogger isn’t equally good.

As mentioned earlier, Blogger is owned by Google, and it’s a superb platform for people that want to host an easy blog that they will update and edit easily. Once you’ve got a Gmail account or Google account, you’ll create a Blogger account – it’s one among Google’s integrated services. One good thing about using the Blogger platform is that you simply don’t got to spend money on website hosting anymore. The created blog is automatically hosted by Google, for free.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to buy a custom domain (which is very not recommended), then you’ll use a free subdomain provided by Google. Let’s assume that the name of your blog is Car Racing; if there’s no other blog bearing an equivalent on the Blogger platform, then could choose carracing.blogspot.com as your name. The extension “.blogspot.com” is automatically attached to your blog name selected by Google.

If you would like to get rid of the “.blogspot.com” attachment from your URL, you’ll get to buy a website name, then redirect your blog on the Blogger platform to your new name. If you are doing that successfully, your new name will become “carracing.com.”

Note: the blog will still be hosted on Google. So, you’re only paying for a website name.

Once you’ve got sorted out your name or blog name, you’ll choose any of Blogger blog themes, customize it as you please then proceed to upload your first blog post. A topic shows how the various sections of your blog will look when viewed on desktop and mobile. If you don’t like all of the default Blogger themes, you’ll buy a premium Blogger theme or download one among the various available free Blogger themes on the web.

One thing that creates many bloggers recoil from Blogger is that it’s only limited themes and plug-ins. tons of bloggers don’t use the platform – as a result, theme developers don’t find it necessary to develop as many themes for the platform.

Plug-ins allow you to feature several interesting features to the prevailing features of a software. Most software plug-ins are usually developed by a 3rd party to enhance the performance or add more functionalities to existing software. There are some plug-ins that, once you install them on your WordPress blog, will assist you share your posts to your different social media pages. Some plug-ins assist you maintain the safety of your blog. Some plug-ins assist you improve the program ranking of your blog.

When it involves plug-ins, Blogger features a minimal number of options. the rationale for that’s – since most of the people aren’t using the Blogger platform, software developers who develop plug-ins concentrate their efforts on developing plug-ins for WordPress instead of Blogger.

With just a couple of available and boring themes, many bloggers ditch the Blogging platforms for WordPress. aside from the supply of a good range of plug-ins and themes to settle on from, there are several other reasons that make people prefer WordPress to Blogger. Let’s take an in-depth check out WordPress and a few of the features that make it great.


WordPress may be a content management system built using PHP (a programming language) and MySQL (a management system). One thing that creates WordPress great is that you simply can install plug-ins for added functionalities. Also, you’ll make use of thousands of obtainable templates or themes – all this makes it very simple to make or found out a blog using WordPress.

The simplicity of use of WordPress is such anybody who can send a text message on their mobile can use it. All you would like is to download and install the content management system on your website host. Proceed to download and install any of the available WordPress themes – download and install some essential plug-ins – customize the theme consistent with your taste and begin uploading your blog posts.

Many bloggers and website designers also prefer WordPress due to its improved security architecture. If you would like extra security, you’ll download and install plug-ins that will assist you secure your site from hackers and cyber-attacks.

Also, there are available plug-ins that will assist you improve the program ranking of your blog. this is often another important reason why numerous bloggers prefer WordPress. As a blogger, program optimization is significant to you because if you write the simplest blog posts within the world and other people don’t get to get and skim them, then you’ve got just wasted your efforts.

SEO plug-ins which will be installed on WordPress help increase the program ranking of your website such when people are checking out content associated with the one you’ve got on your blog; your posts will show up in their search results.

Now that you simply have made up your mind to travel with WordPress – next, you would like to get a website name and hosting plan.

You can easily choose which blogging platforms is better for You.

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